LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Residents of El Conquistador Condominiums in Louisville are hoping for a change of heart from a nearby property owner about the possibility of a car wash moving in next door.

Dannah Prather believes it would bring in heavy traffic right up to the homes of dozens of residents who would share a two-lane driveway. Resident Catherine Grant isn't pulling any punches.

"The quality of life, definitely down the tubes," Grant said.

Grant bought her condo just weeks before learning about the possible new neighbor - and would have thought twice about it had she known what was in the works. Grant also worries about the noise and would prefer something quieter.

"We know that change is coming. We just hope that it's not such a shockingly bad change," she said.

The condo association filed a complaint last month alleging they've maintained much of the adjacent property that is owned by Bayside Properties, LLC. If plans go through, Grant says it would cut into the condo's space making it harder for first responders to get to residents. She says close to 400 people signed a petition to stop any construction.

"Way too many senior people living at their last day just wanting a little peace and quiet," Grant said.

Marvin Smith, the man whose company owns the adjacent property, told WHAS11 the plans are on hold until the complaint is settled.

The area is considered commercial and residential, so the city would not need to rezone the properties.