LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- The Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District (APCD) has completed its May 2017 Request for Modification from the American Synthetic Rubber Company (ASRC). APCD has denied the request for a modified Strategic Toxic Air Reduction (STAR) program environmental acceptability goal for emissions from ASRC.

The STAR program, enacted in 2005, requires Louisville industrial facilities to reduce emissions of toxic air pollution from their operations in order to reduce the risk of cancer to the public. The program is enforced through environmental risk goals that limit emissions deemed harmful to the public. Companies must demonstrate that they are within these acceptability goals or request a modified goal.

Although ASRC's emissions have decreased by 90 percent since the STAR program was enacted, the company told APCD that it still could not meet the environmental acceptability goals with existing technology. They requested a modification for these goals.

During a modification period, APCD will either deny the modified goal or accept the modification. APCD held three public hearings and received more than 100 comments about the situation.

APCD released a statement noting that:

The cumulative environmental acceptability risk goal for the entire American Synthetic Rubber Company facility is and will remain below the goal of 7.5 in 1 million on non-industrial property. STAR-regulated facilities must demonstrate a cumulative environmental acceptability risk goal – which covers all toxic chemicals and all processes in which they are used – of 7.5 in 1 million or lower on non-industrial property. American Synthetic Rubber Company’s emissions will also remain below the cumulative risk goals for industrial property. The STAR regulations themselves are not being revised or amended.

APCD's approval of this modification does not release future accountability under the STAR program for ASRC, who must continue to work towards reaching all environmental acceptability goals. ASRC will continue to be monitored.