LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Anyone who took in that shared moment will surely remember where they were and what they were doing as the moon slid in front of the sun casting a shadow of excitement it seemed captured the attention of the country.

But inside a Louisville hospital, Jennifer Clevenger's attention was focused on a much more important task. Jennifer and Marcus Eidson welcomed a 9lb. 9oz. baby girl.

Dad said he waited until both were in recovery before slipping outside to view the eclipse just before 2pm Monday.

Marcus is a man in awe, saying, “She's beautiful, wonderful and amazing.”

Nothing he saw in the heavens can compare.

We couldn’t help but ask Jennifer whether she was disappointed about missing the eclipse?

“Oh, I don't know. I think the birth of my daughter is maybe more important than watching the eclipse,” she replied with a laugh.

While the eclipse excitement is waning, much like the sun did prior to max eclipse, Jennifer and Marcus are anxiously weighing the next big decision having yet to name their baby girl.

"We're trying to come up with names that kind of fit with the eclipse,” she said.