LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Louisville Metro Police decided to turn the tables by surprising a local woman who normally helps to pick up the tab for them.

On a wet, cold day, business is slow at the downtown Pita Pit but owner Danny Kidd says that’s ok as long as he sees his favorite customer known as Ms. Kay.

“I think she just likes hanging out,” said Danny Kidd.

“Ms. Kay, who is a regular at Pita Pit, buys every officer lunch every time she sees us no matter how many times we try to hide,” said Ofc. Christina Beaven.

“They typically don’t want to accept it,” said Kidd. “They tell her no, but she doesn’t accept no very well.”

Day after day the former LMPD volunteer pays it forward.

“You always leave money for officers whenever you come here,” said Maj. Eric Johnson. “That’s just an amazingly kind thing to do.”

That’s why the officers whose lives she touches on a daily basis are returning the favor.

Certificate of Appreciation to Miss Kay from LMPD

“On behalf of the Louisville Metro Police Department and the 1st Division officers that you do that for every day we wanted to give you this plaque, and wanted to say thank you,” said Maj. Johnson.

“For all that you do for us and your kindness.”

“I’m elated,” said Olessa Henderson aka Ms. Kay. “I didn’t expect this.”

But the question every officer has, is why does she do it for them?

“I told them not to tell anybody,” said Ms. Kay. “They say that’s ok, but I want to do it because I really appreciate all that they do.”

“Just knowing that there are so many people like Ms. Kay out there makes me want to get up and do my job,” said Ofc. Beaven.

“It seems like it’s rare in this day and age,” said Kidd. “It’s nice to see that. We try to take care of her in any way possible. I think that’s why she’s come back time after time.”

“They’re the best,” said Ms. Kay. “They’re the best.”

Dozens of officers chipped in to give Ms. Kay a $100 gift card to Pita Pit, but this isn't the first time they've tried to thank her.

During rainy days, or bad weather they make sure she gets home safely.

Ms. Kay was even a guest of LMPD at the 1st Division Thanksgiving dinner.