LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Metro Police believe the same man responsible for two recent robberies near U of L's campus, one of the women reported being sexually assaulted.

The suspect is described by the victims as a black man in his 30’s or 40’s, telling detectives he may be homeless.

“I'm shell-shocked! Somebody is literally robbing us females, us females have to stick together,” Alicia Ezell said. She lives near campus where the second robbery was reported to have taken place near M and Rodman Streets.

The first crime happened on June 14 near 4th and Industry Road around 6:30 a.m. The second incident we’re told happened on June 15, again police say a college age female was a target and the robbery happened around 8 a.m.

“If you are by yourself make sure you have some maze or a Taser, something that you'll know that if anybody comes your way in your circle, you'll be protected,” Ezell strongly said.

Officers say everyone should do their best to not walk alone, as LMPD Spokesman Dwight Mitchell details, “Obviously the more eyes on the situation, the better your chances are of not becoming a victim. We haven't had any other instances that I am aware of since then but certainly, it's unfortunate for those two young women, so we ask that they continue to be vigilant and looking at their surroundings.”

Police say women are more often robbery targets than men and with the campus being quieter due to summer break, it's understandable for people to feel comfortable walking in the morning.

Mitchell adds, “That's a more dangerous time when there are less people around there is a lesser chance of the person willing to commit that crime for that type of crime to be detected. So you have to be extra vigilant because there is not the normal crowd that someone may not do it because a lot of people are around. In that situation, they took advantage of it.”

Call 574-LMPD with any information related to these crimes.

The following is a statement from University Spokesman John Karman:

Last Wednesday morning, there was an incident involving one of our students near Fourth and Industry streets near the Belknap Campus. LMPD responded to the scene. The university learned details of the incident several hours later. An alert was not sent to the campus at that time because information available indicated there was no longer an imminent threat to the campus community. Due to heightened sensitivity involving the incident and a concern that the suspect might still be in the area, the university did issue an alert to the campus community on Friday evening after a similar occurrence south of campus. LMPD continues to pursue this case. Safety is a top priority at UofL, and the university examines its protocols and procedures any time an incident involving a student occurs.