LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- The LMPD officer arrested on charges of domestic battery over the weekend will not be charged in the case. Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull decided not to file the charges after interviewing the subjects involved and reviewing the police report.

The police report details an incident that happened Saturday night in a Southern Indiana home.

It is a story of he said she said, according to officials. Wednesday morning the prosecutor announced a decision on how the case will move forward.

"These are two conflicting stories that based on my experience if submitted to a jury would result in virtually no chance of any conviction occurring against mister Jaggers. And therefore, I made the decision not to file charges in the case,” Mull said.

LMPD Officer Aaron Jaggers told police he was arguing with his fiancée when things turned physical. He said she slapped him and then he pushed her away, but she said he pushed her and then she slapped him.

She called 911 and he was arrested for domestic battery, but as of Wednesday morning, the case will be dropped.

Mull said, "I don’t charge people merely because they were arrested and I don't charge people merely because somebody who claims they were a victim wants me to.”

Mull said he made the decision based off hard evidence, or a lack there of.

Jaggers' attorney said his client never acted in the wrong, and now that is confirmed.

"He went to jail, he waited for this process to work out because he believes in the process like I do. He's a part of the process. And when you believe in what you do and you believe that the facts will result in what is appropriate like they did today, then you participate and you don't push back,” Attorney Larry Wilder said.

As for the woman who called the police, she said this isn't right, and she is still fighting for justice.

Officer Jaggers was still on administrative leave from his position at LMPD at last check. Jaggers’ attorney said that is the way it will stay until they complete their investigation.