LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A Louisville Metro Police Officer was arrested over the weekend on allegations of domestic violence. Officer Aaron Jaggers was arrested at his home on Saturday night and booked into the Clark County Jail.

Jaggers was tight-lipped on the way out of the courtroom Monday morning, just two days after his fiancé called the police to their home and he was arrested for domestic battery.

Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said, "one side of the story is that the female was reaching for a phone that mister Jaggers had and smacked him in the face when he wouldn't turn it over, and which time he pushed her away. Another side of the story is that she had reached for the phone and then he pushed her away and then she smacked him in the face."

According to the citation, Jaggers was arrested after police observed a "large swollen lump" on his fiancé's forehead. She said the injury was the result of Jaggers pushing her into a column inside their home.

Jaggers' attorney claimed his client was protecting himself.

"Merely because you're a police officer and you have a personal life, doesn't mean you have to give up the opportunity to try to keep yourself from being touched and pushed a grabbed,” attorney Larry Wilder said.

The judge ordered Jaggers to have no contact with his fiancé, as the Clark County Prosecutor works through the case.

"I will review carefully the police report, conduct some additional interviews and then decide what an appropriate action to take in the case,” Mull said.

At this time, the officer has not been formally charged. If he is charged, he will be back in court Monday morning.

LMPD’s statement:

“Saturday night, LMPD 5th Division Officer Aaron Jaggers was arrested and charged with domestic battery (a Misdemeanor) by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office in Indiana. OFC Jaggers has been employed with LMPD since June of 2016.

Officer Jaggers has been placed on administrative leave. The Special Investigation Division has been notified and will conduct an investigation as they normally do in an incident such as this.

Any questions pertaining to the particulars of this case should be directed to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.”

Kayla Myers (his fiancee) has sent a response:

I want to share my story to encourage other women that's it's ok to speak out. You shouldn't be silenced as a victim. domestic violence is not ok. It is something that should be taken very seriously and not lightly. Justice needs to be served.

Aaron and I were out drinking and yes we started arguing over another female that he had been talking to all night. And also the previous week. On our way home in the Uber I tried de escalating the situation by removing myself from the Uber to get a new one. I got home and he wasn't there. When he arrived he was on his phone. I asked to see it; he reached in his pocket like he was giving it to me and pulled out his middle finger. So I asked again for his phone he said ok and reached in his pocket. I reached my hand/arm out toward him to get the phone this is when aaron pushed me with force face first into a column in our home. My glasses fell from my face and I raised up and smacked him out of reflex. I picked my glasses up to put them on when I felt an enormous lump on my forehead. I looked at him and he said to me "yeah that's a huge bump you have there." I was frightened. With him as drunk as he was I did not feel safe. I then called the cops to have him removed from our house.

Kayla Myers provided this photo to WHAS11 News