LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A cause for concern? Louisville Metro Police say no.

“At 16 weeks we've found the vast majority of officers are ready to go solo at that point,” Sgt. John Bradley said.

Sgt. Bradley says that's why the department has decided to trim training time for new officers. Instead of shadowing experiences officers for 24 weeks, they'll only shadow for 16 weeks before going out on their own.

After 27 weeks in the academy, trainees are sworn in as LMPD officers. Then they move to the next phase, hitting the streets.

“This gives them a chance to implement or apply those skills inside the community that they serve,” Sgt. Bradley said.

The national police training model suggests new officers shadow experienced officers for only 15 weeks. Sgt. Bradley says it's important to remember, even if the new officers are out on their own after 16 weeks, they're still on probation. After 27 weeks in the academy, an officer is sworn in and from then on, they're on probation for the next weeks.

“It is a probationary period where they're monitored and supervised a little more heavily and it is a part of their training,” Sgt. Bradley said.

Sgt. Bradley says training officers also have the discretion to keep new officers in training for longer than six weeks if need be.

“My concern is minimal as I know that each of the training officers on our department take their jobs very seriously and they're not going to let anyone go out and work in our city and our community unless they know they can do it and protect and serve these people safely,” Sgt. Bradley said.

The first class that will experience this training change graduated on Dec. 29.