LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- For the first time since a metro police officer shot and injured a man Wednesday we are seeing the body camera video from that officer.

The video shows a 34-year-old female officer firing a shot within a split second of seeing a Bruce Lamont Warrick hiding behind a mattress and telling him to show his arms.

The chief says no weapon has been discovered after an extensive search.

There have been calls across the community for more transparency from LMPD who released the video earlier today which shows a few minutes that changed multiple lives forever.

Chief Steve Conrad says the video shows that Officers Sarah Stumler, Aaron Seneker, and Braden Lammers cleared this house along Magazine Street in a textbook manner but that things changed in an instant as officers were on the way out the door.

WHAS11 is showing you the entire incident in the video player above, so you can see for yourself just what happened.

"I am concerned anytime we have an incident where an officer uses deadly force,” said LMPD Chief Steve Conrad.

This video, which shows Officer Stumler shooting Bruce Lamont Warrick, concerns not only Chief Conrad but people across the community.

"It was three officers, and one chose to use their service weapon while the others didn't,” said Christopher 2X. “That's a question the Chief and them have to ask through the investigation as to why and what was going through the officers head when she fired that shot at him."

"The female officer that shot him must have been really scared because that's not who she is,” said Jakeita Sanders. “That much I can say about that particular officer."

Jakeita Sanders lives down the street from where the shooting took place, and she says Officer Stumler was an active member in the Russell neighborhood.

"She really gives a lot of guys, females, whoever is on the street a lot of chances,” said Sanders. “She doesn't directly lock people up. She tries to talk to them. She's really a nice person."

However, knowing Warrick wasn't armed she's concerned with the situation was handled.

"Lord knows that he should live because he deserves to, but if he dies that little lady is going to have to answer,” said Sanders.

The case is now in the hands of the Public Integrity Unit, but Chief Conrad says Stumler has yet to meet with investigators or provide them with a statement.

"The way the law is structured, and the way our policies are structured it is based on whether or not that officer reasonably believed that in this case, Mr. Warrick posed any sort of threat to her in terms of serious physical injury or death,” said Chief Conrad.

"In the past, it seems like that the police always justify these shootings, so there's a lot of concerns and mistrust,” said Jerald Muhammad.

"It better be answers,” said Sanders. “Somebody has got to do something. They've got too. If y'all think that Louisville is bad now, they will tear this city up if they don't reprimand or something."

Warrick is still in University Hospital in critical condition after having surgery that removed parts of his intestine and his spleen.

He is on a ventilator, and Christopher 2X tells us that if Warrick pulls through he will face a long road to recovery.