LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- The Metro Corrections officer who was shot during an alleged home invasion and then arrested for lying to police went before judge Wednesday morning. Michael Wilburn is charged with falsifying information after police claim he lied to them, reporting a gun was stolen from his home, while police later learning he had pawned it.

Jail officials said the officer is still a Metro Corrections employee for now but that could be changing, as they plan to conduct their own investigation into the allegations.

Wilburn stayed tight-lipped minutes after pleading not guilty in front of a judge. WHAS11 tried to ask if he had lied to police but he did not respond.

He is charged with giving police false information on a police report. He turned himself in at the Clark County jail last week.

"Is there anything you want to say to defend yourself?” WHAS11 asked Wilburn after court.

This confusing case started as a burglary nearly two weeks ago.

Police said the Metro Corrections officer reported someone had broken into his home and stolen his service weapon, his wife's gun, and an x-box, among other items.

The next day, his wife called 911 reporting Wilburn had been shot by an intruder during a home invasion. Wilburn was rushed to the hospital and a search for the suspect ensued.

After the shooting, he told police he knew who did it. Police questioned that suspect but he was later cleared with an alibi.

That brought into question Wilburn's story about what happened.

Police said they found evidence that Wilburn had lied. A probable cause affidavit states Wilburn had sold the gun at a pawn shop weeks earlier.

Both the investigation into the burglary and the investigation into an alleged home invasion are now at a stand-still.

Police said neither Wilburn or his wife are cooperating, and they are the only people witnesses in each case.

Wilburn is expected back in court on August 22.

He is currently on medical leave from Metro Corrections. When he gets back to work he will be placed on administrative review.