LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Louisville Metro Animal Services says Ms. Hamington may be in hog heaven, but they don't plan for her to overstay her welcome.

"Hopefully we'll find an owner and we won't have to keep her that long," said LMAS officer Adam Hamilton.

They took to Facebook, posting pictures of the hog hoping to reunite her with her family, but they have not had any luck. Those at Animal services found her wandering the streets on Christmas day.

"That's why we're putting this plea out to try to get an owner so we don't have to hold onto her for a year," Hamilton told WHAS11.

A state statute dating back to the 1940's requires agencies like LMAS to keep stray farm animals for up to 12 months before they can adopt the animal. It's far longer than the 5 day requirement for dogs and the 15 day requirement for horses.

"If we had to hold that for 12 months, what's that going to cost the taxpayers?" asked LMAS Director Ozzy Gibson.

He wants the law changed not only for the taxpayers, but for the animals brought to his facility. "Where does this animal deserve to be? Having something too long is never good on an animal here at the shelter," he said.

Animal control officers say Ms. Hamington can easily eat 50 pounds of food a week. Of course caring for an animal this size takes time and money. They wouldn't turn down any donations.

"It's a tremendous undertaking. It comes out of our food budget. That can be used for other animals at the shelter," Hamilton said.

Even though she eats a lot of food, they don't mind her hogging their attention for now.

"We want to make sure she gets back to the right owner," he said.