LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Calls for resignation from his seat in the Kentucky House were stern words coming from some after reports and recordings surfaced of former Governor Julian Carroll allegedly propositioning an aspiring photographer for sex acts back in 2005.

Spectrum News, which is operated by the local cable provider and covers Frankfort, broke the story. They say the then aspiring photographer Jason Geis wanted to go to art school.

In February 2005, the photographer says Senator Carroll took an interest in Geis’ work and promised to help him. That's when the Geis says he secretly recorded Carroll propositioning him for sexual favors.

Senator Dan Seum, the Republican Majority Caucus Chair tells us, “I've always known him to be a class act, and I have really enjoyed serving with him in the Kentucky Senate.”

Senator Seum says he's known Carroll for decades and seemed saddened when WHAS11 News asked his thoughts on the allegations adding, “I have not talked to Senator Carroll or any of the members of his party in a way this is a shame the way that this is developing.”

“While we acknowledge and greatly appreciate Senator Carroll's lifelong service to public service, we cannot overlook the severity of these allegations and we take them very seriously,” Brad Bowman with the Kentucky Democratic Party said.

The organization says members are very concerned but says the Democratic Caucus must decide how to handle the claims, “This is a very sensitive issue and I think that the senate democratic caucus will do their due diligence to see this through in however they see fit.”

Senator Carroll has faced adversity in the past. He was the subject of an FBI investigation back in the late 1970's and early 80's after allegations of an insurance kickback scheme during the Governor Wendell Ford administration that carried into his administration.

WHAS11 News has archived video from 2005 as Carroll discusses being a politician and dealing with scandals and he told us, “One of the great lessons that you learn in political life is people's memories are not very long and their forgiveness is great.”

Carroll is a Lay Minister with the First Assembly of God who has been vocal as one of the Democrats against same sex marriage and homosexuality.

No one with Senator Carroll's office has responded to WHAS11 News’ request for comment.

He currently serves on more than a dozen active committees.

WHAS11 News verified with the Department of Corrections that the Senator has never been incarcerated in the Bluegrass State.