While many are opposed to the firing of Tom Jurich, including three trustees, there are others who applauded the decision.

Jurich, for all his successes, had his detractors. Among them, Kentucky Sports Radio host, Matt Jones.

On the air today he spoke of the pressure he says he got from different radio bosses, who told him not to speak poorly about the athletic director.

"If you say something bad about Jurich, phone call. You could say anything about Rick. You could say anything about Bobby. But you could not say anything about Tom. That was the constant," Jones said. "When you look back and you sorta say, how did this Louisville thing happen? In my opinion, it all comes down to the phone call. Everyone was scared."

Jones said he wished no ill will on Jurich but he felt that today was the beginning of a new day for the University of Louisville and others who felt the same way he did.