LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A 5-week-old kitten is recovering at Kentucky Humane Society after someone shot the animal with a BB gun. It happened in the Polo Fields neighborhood earlier this week. She was turned over to the Kentucky Humane Society Wednesday night and operated on Thursday morning. Her prognosis is still unknown.

The doctors say it’s clear the kitten was shot at least three times with a BB gun.

An x-ray photo shows two BBs—one in her front leg and one near her brain.

"I honestly can't say whether or not she'll come out of this,” Dr. Emily Bewley with Kentucky Humane Society said.

Metro Animal Services officers said it happened in the Polo Fields neighborhood. The officers went door to door looking for information Wednesday night.

The people who surrendered the kitten said they found her in the next-door neighbor's yard. They said they thought she'd been dropped by a hawk.

But the reality was someone hurt her on purpose, and her injuries are severe.

Bewley said, "She had several wounds- one on her head, one on her arm, and another in between her toes that actually had magnets in it."

Bewley started working on the kitten they call "Ziggy" first thing Thursday morning. The vet prepped her for surgery, and then removed what she could.

"The BB that was in her head is still there, I wasn't able to safely take that out. So for now it will just be time and waiting to see if she can recover on her own,” Bewley said.

For now, the kitten is left with what doctors call a head tilt and some sort of neurological issues.

When she walks, its only in circles. They're still hopeful she will get better, but said if she doesn't, this is no quality of life.

"It’s really easy for somebody to hurt an animal. It’s not as easy for us to fix them,” Bewley explained.

Metro Animal Services officers are still investigating the case. If you have any information you can call 473-PETS.

KHS is asking that donations be made in honor of Ziggy at www.kyhumane.org/donate.