LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- We now know that Vice President Mike Pence will visit Harshaw Trane in Jeffersontown’s commerce park. According to the White House, Vice President Pence will meet with business owners, tour the facility and then deliver remarks at 10:45am.

WHAS 11 intends to bring those remarks to you as they happen on-air, online and on social media.

A company official released a statement saying they intend to be “gracious hosts” to Vice President Pence and Governor Matt Bevin but the statement gave few details.

Governor Matt Bevin expanded on the plan, saying of the Vice President, “He wants to come and meet with a number of businesspeople who have been affected by this (the Affordable Care Act). So we’re going to meet with a small group of business folks and him so he can hear their stories personally. He's just going to listen then he's going to follow that up with a discussion for a larger audience of folks where he'll then speak about the things he's hearing in this state and others and then talking about solutions to the issue.”

This visit comes as the White House finds itself at odds with Senator Rand Paul regarding a republican plan to repeal and replace the ACA also known as "Obamacare.”

Now , Governor Bevin is finding himself in a delicate position hosting the Vice President while his state's junior senator feuds with the president over a topic in which the VP will discuss at an event with the governor.

Thursday Governor Bevin was asked about that situation and replacement plan. In audio recorded by Adam Beam of the Associated Press, the governor stated, “That’s the beauty of America. I mean, this is where we are right now. I mean, Senator Paul has ideas of things he thinks needs to be a lot stronger. He's not as impressed with what has been currently offered as some who have offered it. Truth be told, I'm not either. So I'm with him. I think there are things that need be done.”

Governor Bevin expanded vowing the assist the President in fixing what he called a “broken system” and praising the current debate.

“So there is work that is being done,” Gov. Bevin said. “This is the first step on a journey and the voices of those who like it and those who don't like it all need to be heard and are being heard. But the bottom line is this, this is a President who is actually someone of action. He's not just giving lip service. He said we're going to repeal this, we're repealing it. He said there was going to be a replacement, we're going to replace it. We're going to fix the problem.”

This week the President and Senator Paul have been feuding over the replacement plan. Senator Paul went as far as to call it "Obamacare Lite.” The president tweeted that he thought his “friend” Rand Paul would come around to support the current Republican lead effort.

Some have questioned whether Saturday’s stop is meant as a message to Rand Paul to get onboard the GOP plan.

But Tres Watson, Communications Director for the Kentucky Republican Party disputed that theory instead pointing to the Commonwealth's history with the Affordable Care Act.

“I think that Kentucky is a logical place for any discussion or rollout of an Obamacare replacement to begin because of our unique position in this discussion. And, I think, it has less to do with trying to put pressure on anyone than it does with disputing the fact that Obamacare has worked in Kentucky,” Watson said.