LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – It was a day dedicated to those who defend our freedom. Kentuckiana celebrated Veteran’s Day at several different locations Saturday.

"There is no other way to show your respect for your country and flag than to thank the people,” Upasana Chibber said.

She was out on the parade route in downtown Louisville, where she watched hundreds march to honor those who have served.

"It’s quite the honor to be recognized in such a manner,” Veteran James McKee said.

Thousands watched the parade from the sidelines, recognizing the price of liberty on which this country was built.

"There a lot of people that made a lot of sacrifices for us to be able to do what we do,” McKee said.

"They should be proud, immensely proud,” Chibber said.

A few miles away from the parade was a somber memorial at Eastern Cemetery.

Neighbors placed flags at the feet of more than 1,000 veterans' graves- acknowledging their courage and the ultimate sacrifice they made.

"I come here to honor my grandfather who passed away in the army,” Jeremiah Bradley said.

Each event honoring those who defend our freedom and remembering the ones who made the ultimate sacrifice.