LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A social media campaign has been grabbing the hearts of men and women across the country – encouraging those who have been sexually assaulted to post “me too.”

"I do think it’s very empowering,” Jeanine Triplett with the Center for Women and Families said.

Sexual harassment victims are speaking out in the form of the two small words to raise awareness of what has been called a full-blown epidemic.

"It just proves the point that there's so much of it out there and we just need to wake up and be more attentive to it,” she said.

Experts say the number of people affected by sexual harassment is not a new epidemic, but this campaign is giving its victims newfound strength.

"This is not acceptable. Its ok to come forward and we're here to protect you,” Triplett said.

The hashtag started this weekend following allegations of sexual harassment by Hollywood's Harvey Weinstein. Shortly after the first allegation came out, dozens of actresses said they were his victims.

It is rare Hollywood elites share something so personal with so many across the country but Triplett said speaking out about the subject holds a social stigma, no matter who you are.

"It takes a lot for an individual to get the courage and have the strength to come forward because there's a lot of stigma with it- once you do that you open up a personal journey that you have to also address,” Triplett said.

Now the hope is this online action is only the first action and real change follows soon.

"The more we can do to bring light to it, the more it’s going to help,” Triplett said.

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