LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- WHAS11 is the only local television station to interview Katina Powell about her book, “Breaking Cardinal Rules,” detailing her story of what she says happened inside Billy Minardi Hall on the University of Louisville’s campus.

Powell sat down with our Renee Murphy and Tabnie Dozier detailing the four years of alleged parties and talked about getting her daughters involved in them.

Newly released documents from the NCAA allege that former University of Louisville men's basketball player and staff member Andre McGee arranged and provided extra benefits in the form of adult entertainment totaling at least $5,400 between December 2010 and July 2014, to at least 17 people, including prospective or current student athletes.

“Andre would ask the recruit—whichever recruit that was—he would say ‘what girl do you want?’ I had nothing to do with that process, it was between him and the recruit,” said Powell.

She tells us she was introduced to McGee and was offered to participate in alleged strip shows and sex parties at Billy Minardi Hall. That claim is also mentioned in the NCAA's findings.

Powell described a conversation with McGee saying, “We need these recruits, we need this guy, but was like almost every guy that they needed, we need this guy on the team, he's the number one pick, he's the number one pick in the world, Pitino needs this guy, my job depends on it.”

Powell says her team of women, which included her daughters, provided strip shows and sexual favors for recruits, current players and some of their guardians during the four year time span. What is still unclear is where the money came from. Powell alleges she was paid more than $10,000 over that time span, while the NCAA is claiming $5,400.

Powell adds, “Andre complained all the time, every time we did a show, about ‘I can barely pay my car payment, I can't do this, I can't do that. I don't have the money,’ but yet you're coming in late at night and the ATM don't give out big wads of money and money with bands around them. I don't know if it came from boosters. I know it had to come from someone other than Andre McGee.”

The NCAA alleges Coach Rick Pitino failed to monitor Andre McGee, an allegation the school is disputing.

Powell states, “Four years. I couldn't make it all up if I wanted to and continue to say the exact same thing that I've been saying since day one.”

The University of Louisville has 90 days to respond to these allegations, then the NCAA has 60 days to review. This process is in the sanctioning phase. This is only to show what the NCAA is investigating.