LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Tom Jurich was scheduled to give an annual progress report before it was known that the NCAA allegations would be released. After his report, he opened the floor for the Board of Directors to ask questions of him or the duo credited with leading the University through the investigation.

Jurich thanked Chuck Smrt and Steve Thompson for their work. Jurich said Smrt was "good at what he does" having helped UofL "navigate these landmines.”

The only Board member to ask a question was Bill Stone who asked whether it would help the school, the fact that the men's basketball team was good last year when the University punished itself by withdrawing from post-season play.

Smrt suggested that the NCAA recognized that as a harsh penalty considering the weight of these allegations and that the team had a good chance to go far in the tournament.

Stone also thanked the Athletic Director for defending Coach Rick Pitino.

"Well I sure am glad you're protesting the charge against Coach Pitino because anybody who thinks that he's not on people like a hot knife on butter just doesn't get it,” Jurich said.

Jurich's outlook was one of endurance suggesting the university, athletic program, basketball program and student body would be stronger for having gone through this.