(WHAS11) -- Jim Beam workers voted on Oct. 21 and approved a new contract 204-19 after several days of striking.

The workers will go back to work on Monday.

Workers went on strike at two Jim Beam distilleries in Kentucky on Oct. 14. Jim Beam is the world’s largest bourbon producer.

More than 200 workers were involved in the strike. Strikers say staffing shortages forced them to work long hours of overtime to keep up with demand for Beam whiskey.

The workers' main complaint with the world's leading bourbon producer was not money but time. The union wanted more full-time workers hired, rather than a greater reliance on temporary workers.

Ballard says the company's newest offer includes a commitment to hire more full-time staff.

With the strike ended, longtime Beam employee Bill Ball says, "Now we can get back to being a family."