LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A Jefferson Community Technical Student says she was harassed, verbally abused and even propositioned to be a prostitute in broad daylight right by campus.

The alleged incident happened as the student was on her way to her car Monday afternoon.

Tuesday, Riece Hamilton had family members walk her to class due to this encounter.

“What are you asking me? What are you saying to me – and he's following me down the street as I'm trying to get to my car. And he goes ‘I'm trying to see if you're trying to make some money out here.’ And I just frankly ask, are you asking me to be a prostitute? And he goes, ‘yeah’,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton says she left class Monday afternoon around two and was heading to her car which was parked in the JCTC parking lot behind the Thornton’s on 1st and Broadway. She tells us a man approached her, making lewd comments and propositioned her to be a prostitute. She says it was the most uncomfortable half a block from First and Gray to Broadway.

“I basically told him assertively, I'm not interested in being a prostitute, at that point he tried to proposition me to go behind a building with him and do sexual favors. He didn't follow me across the street and that's when I called for help," she said.

Hamilton said her first call was to JCTC Campus Security.

“Whoever was on the phone was like. Oh yeah I know who that is let me see if I can find him and he hung up and didn't get any of my information,” she said.

“It is an absolute concern, we want to make sure our students feel safe on campus because this really is a unique campus experience, no one else around here has this but at the same time situational awareness is key. Without a doubt we applaud the student for doing what they did, some students would blow that off,” Ben Jackey, JCTC Spokesman, added.

Next, Hamilton called LMPD's non-emergency number and was transferred to 911.

“The dispatcher made me feel uncomfortable about making a call about something that was verbal even though it was sexual in nature and even though I had tried to call the non-emergency number before and they told me to call this number, I really feel like she re-victimized me and made me feel just as uncomfortable about making a report as he did,” she said.

Eventually, a female LMPD officer, Beverly Jones met Hamilton on campus which she says was the last blow to feeling like she was in the wrong.

“Her final attempt to discourage me from reporting was she said ‘well, have you never been hit on before?’ As if I'm that's just something that I'm supposed to take up and be okay with that and I’m not okay with that," she said.

Hamilton said she made a report not just for herself but for every woman who has been discouraged from making a report whether physical or verbal.

We're told JCTC has security footage that caught part of the exchange at the first and Broadway intersection.

We did reach out to Metro EMS regarding the concerns from Hamilton.

Here’s the response we received:

“Emergency Services is conducting a full investigation regarding this incident. We take matters like this very seriously and we will reach out to Ms. Hamilton to address her concerns.”

LMPD says Hamilton's case is an open investigation. WHAS11 has filed open records requests asking for the 911 call and body camera footage from Hamilton’s encounters.

Multiple agencies say if you're uncomfortable in a situation like this, try and draw attention to yourself or announce to that person that you will call the police.

Hamilton was applauded for the actions that she took. That man she says started this entire situation has not been located.