LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – TaKeyla Neal is facing several charges including assault and disorderly conduct in the alleged attack of a JCPS Bus Driver Monday morning.

It happened in front of Blake Elementary School, where her two children attend.

According to an arrest slip, Neal went onto the bus and was screaming at the driver. When the driver told her to get off the bus, police say she pulled the driver off the bus and began punching her in front of children. The driver lost consciousness.

The incident is really bringing safety to the forefront, with questions about how that driver is doing.

"We do have situations that arise with children, it's not every day that grown adults act in this manner, and as I mentioned, as a district, we will not tolerate this type of behavior with adults and our first concern is with our employee," Randy Frantz.

Frantz is the director of transportation with JCPS and says the district values all 900 of its drivers, who are tasked to transport 70,000 students more than 94,000 miles every school day.

He was able to visit the driver during her recovery in the hospital.

"She was mostly concerned for her kids, she is a model employee, she has not missed a day this year and I wish her a speedy recovery and to my knowledge, she is doing well," Frantz said.

JCPS Security officials who witnessed the alleged attack say Neal unlawfully got onto the bus with some kindergarten aged children still on board and confronted the driver.

JCPS says Neal was upset with the driver for not picking up her children from somewhere other than the designated bus stop, which are not the decision of bus drivers.

"Those are her children, and when you ask our 900 bus drivers, they each have children on their buses every day. They may not be their own but those students are their children," Frantz said.

Neal has two children that attend Blake Elementary.

The victim has been a bus driver since 2012 and the district's open records request team is reviewing the surveillance video which reports say captured the alleged attack.

The JCPS Bus Driver's Union tells us the victim will not be back at work until hopefully sometime next week.

She is now out of the hospital recovering at home.

The told Neal during arraignment Tuesday that she is not to have any contact with that bus driver and if she does, her bond will be revoked and she'll be put back in jail.

Neal's next court appearance is Dec. 1