LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Over 100,000 meals are made each day for students in Jefferson County Public Schools, and with the help of a new executive chef, the district is revamping its school lunch menus with a bigger focus on locally grown foods.

Executive Chef Chris Byrd looks at the recipes used by the district, auditing them to make sure they meet regulations and adding new healthy options.

Instead of buying pre-made options, the district makes a huge portion of its food from scratch in one kitchen--everything from ranch dressing to harvest muffins.

“The catch phrase is half your plate fruit for vegetables. We’re trying to get a lot of produce in from local distributors, farmers, but we’re also looking to get the proteins too. We’re getting raw chicken in for farm-to-school week, which is the week of October 17,” Byrd said.

The district works about two days ahead and makes the majority of food for the students in a central building where it is prepared, chilled and then shipped out to students at their schools.