LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – So many are calling it an unthinkable tragedy involving two young brothers.

Metro Police says a mother shot her two young sons Friday night in Lynnview, before taking her own life.

The circumstances are not yet clear but Jefferson County Public Schools initiated its crisis team to help classmates and staff of the third and fifth-grade boys.

"The children were sweet, kind, loving, beautiful little boys, just gentle hearts, rule followers, good kids,” Sam Cowan, principal of Gilmore Lane Elementary, recalled.

Dr. Marty Pollio, JCPS Interim Superintendent adds, "It's important for me to show that I'm here to support this because we do have 155 schools but we are a JCPS family and we all work for the same cause so anytime there is tragedy we want to work together to support one another."

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Police say Friday night, 36-year-old Ashley Hooper shot her two sons, 8-year-old Aairden and 10-year-old Avery Hooper inside their home on Bluebird Avenue in Lynnview. Police say Ashley then shot and killed herself.

Dr. Pollio says he found out about the shootings Friday night at a Ballard football game and worked with officials through the weekend to initiate the district's crisis team as he explains, "Unfortunately, things are going to happen that require a crisis team throughout the school year, we never want it to be as devastating as this but we have to be prepared for that."

The crisis team, Pollio adds, is made up of counselors, including some who come from other schools to volunteer.

Just like violence knows no bounds, the same goes for grief.

"What's going to get us through is just leaning on each other and talking about it and finding out even more ways to support our kids," Cowan said.

We're told every child at Gilmore Lane has been sent home with information from JCPS as far as how to have a tough conversation like this at home and added resources for help and support that is going to continue to be available.

Funeral arrangements for the brothers have yet to be announced.