LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS 11)--As the school year comes to an end so is a special JCPS program. The "Flash Dads" made their last school visit of the year Wednesday morning, welcoming Audubon Elementary students to class in a unique way.

The group of men lined up outside the school cheering and high-fiving students as they walked off of the buses.

The Flash Dads is a group of men from around the community who have made it their job to greet JCPS students as they start the school day.

“It lets them know that someone cares,” said Bill Lee, a member of Flash Dads.

The group visited dozens of elementary schools around the district this year.

“Oh, it's grown exponentially,” said Lee.

Lee has been a consistent smiling face in the Flash Dads mob. On the last gathering of the school year, he reflected on the strong message his group is sending to students and the community.

“Sometimes men aren't doing what they're supposed to but if you look back here you can see a lot of men are stepping up,” said Lee.

Men stepping up to show kids there are positive male role models out there.

“It shows students that there's support from the community,” said Dr. John Marshall, Chief Equity Officer for JCPS.

That community support could be seen through the men in bright neon vests and city trucks parked around the school. Metro Solid Waste workers joined forces with the Flash Dads, lining up to help the kids start their day off right.

“I think it's really about showcasing fatherhood within the community,” said Antonio Baldon, Metro Solid Waste Operations Administrator.

“Even though you might not know this young man sticking his hand out, I think it just shows support and encouragement,” said Marshall.

Marshall says he’s proud of the work the group has done throughout the year and its commitment to the next generation.

“Kids are the future and you see these men out here just supporting it, it's great,” said Marshall.

Members of the Flash Dads say this school year was so successful, they plan to make next year bigger and better.