LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A local teacher is out of a job after allegedly hitting a kindergartner and letting another child hit the student.

JCPS has released its investigation of the incident which contains details so graphic it cost one teacher her job.

Her assistant immediately transferred.

Many of the parents that WHAS11 spoke with today said that teachers face unbelievably tough situations every day, but that they should never put their hands on a child.

After multiple reprimands, a suspension, and a demotion since being hired by JCPS in 1998 some are questioning how this teacher was in the position to commit such an act.

As a parent and former volunteer at Rutherford Elementary school, Angel Al-Sudani says the education her child received was top notch.

“It was real good,” said Al-Sudani. “There were no problems. My son loved it.”

However, when she that kindergarten teacher Theresa Mason had been fired for allegedly striking a student one thing came to her mind.

“Anger,” said Al-Sudani. “There’s anger that somebody would do that to a kindergartner, a kid, especially when it’s a teacher who’s supposed to care for them.”

According to a JCPS internal investigation, a special education student cussed out and hit Mason and her instructional assistant before kicking another student.

The veteran teacher allegedly slapped the young man in the chest, before grabbing him by his collar and held him on his tip toes, while allowing another student to retaliate.

“They should’ve sent him to the counselor and set him down, but nothing like that,” said Al-Sudani. “That’s showing the other kids that it's something they should do and there’s nothing wrong with it.”

In a sworn statement, Mason said she would never do anything to hurt a child, but admits to holding him by his shirt and allowing another student to kick him.

No charges were filed, but multiple parents told me if this was their kid Al-Sudani was very clear what would happen.

“I’d probably be in jail,” said Al-Sudani.

We tried to reach out to both Mason for her side of the story, but we were unable to reach her.

Mason is currently appealing her firing in an attempt to get her job back.