LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- JCPS is now facing a new bullying lawsuit. A mother and her daughter claim a local middle school failed to protect the 6th grader who suffered a broken nose.

"They didn't protect her and that's their job,” Shannon Mahaffey said. 

Sitting between her lawyer and her mother, the JCPS middle schooler, known as S.M., said she was attacked at school and no one was there to stop it.

"When we picked her up she had blood covering her body, she was punched repeatedly- didn't know the kid and it didn't need to happen,” Mahaffey said.

Her mother said it happened at Thomas Jefferson Middle School in January of this year. She said another 6th grade student punched her during an after school suspension program.

Mahaffey said, “We sent them there to be educated not to be assaulted and victimized."

She said S.M. has missed 20 days of school for appointments and surgeries since her nose was broken in that attack. The district transferred the student who hit her, and offered to transfer S.M., but her mom said there's nowhere for her to go.

"It’s just a constant violent atmosphere anymore at school, and it’s not just TJ, it’s not,” Mahaffey said.

That’s something attorney Teddy Gordon knows all too well. He has filed more than 30 lawsuits against JCPS schools in the last 6 years, and in December of 2016, he filed a federal suit against the district and its leader.

"I once again ask Dr. Hargens to protect our children and if we need more security in these schools then let’s add more security,” Gordon said.

He said the district needs to take responsibility for the problem and do more to prevent it.

"Enough is enough. When you have a troubled school, and proficiency problems and kids roaming the hall, and you have innocent kids that are assaulted without any reason- that’s not what publics school is about,” Gordon said.

JCPS did not want to comment on the story.