CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WHAS) -- It's a field of green grass and leafy trees that is home during the warmer seasons to a gaggle of geese, but this area off Veteran's Parkway in Clarksville will be seeing a lot more foot traffic in the next few years.

"Its green space that's not being utilized to its fullest potential," Clarksville Town Manager Kevin Baity said.

Construction on the Veterans Crossing project is expected to begin this fall, with the Clarksville Plan Commission voting unanimously to approve Hogan Real Estate's plan earlier this week, giving the project to green light to move forward.

"I believe the mix of tenants that will end up coming here will be ones that the public would like to see. They will not be ones that we already have in the current trade area of Clarksville," Baity said.

"This will be another one that won't move to the other side of I-65 to Jeffersonville," Clarksville Councilman Tim Hauber, who also serves as the president of the Plan Commission, said. "It will stay in Clarksville, and that's a good thing."

While no tenants have signed leases yet at this time, Baity said the goal is for Veterans Crossing to attract new businesses to retail and restaurant hub.

"Other tenants would not be displaced or replaced from other areas to this area because really that's not a net gain for us," he said. "That's just moving somebody from another location."

Baity said the new development, which will be next to the town municipal center, will also capitalize on the increased traffic from the completed bridge projects.

"Wanting to capture that traffic - they're already over here to the retail center in the area where we're standing, and this is just another opportunity," he said.

"It won't impede on any of our business dealings at all as far as the town goes," Hauber said. "It'll just really enhance the whole property in general."

Hogan Real Estate is now in the due diligence process, after which, the land will be transferred to the company and potential retail units will being submitting site plans.

Clarksville officials tell WHAS the project could be completed as early as summer of 2018.