NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WHAS11) -- All that’s left of one of the great Derby champions in New Albany is this empty pedestal, "His Eminence" is gone. His owner, Pat Harrison of Harrison Realty on Charlestown Road told us, "I can’t fathom anyone stealing our horse. it's just hard."

Pat wants you to call her if you know where the horse has gone. Her number is 812-989-4663. She told us she's not pressing charges. She just wants the horse back.

His Eminence won the Kentucky Derby in 1901, ridden by the last African American to ride a

Derby winner, the famed jockey Jimmy Winfield. The Derby was just 26 years old.

But now he's vanished. She just wants her horse back. Harrison says, "to hide a horse is gonna be quite interesting, so somebody's got to know something about the horse."

Pat bought the Gallopallooza horse in 2004 for $2,250.00. She says, "I feel like he was adopted. We visited him, went to Louisville, visited him at the zoo. We picked him."

Gallopallooza was the big fundraiser back then that benefited Louisville’s Operation Brightside. 224 horses were sold in 2004 and many are still around town.

The fiberglass horse, weighing about 120 pounds, and designed by a French artist, disappeared this week. It was knocked over by winds and they placed the horse in the back of their Remax building.

Call Pat Harrison or police if you see His Eminence. As Pat told us, I think anybody that goes down Charlestown Road that sees the horse enjoys and smiles because he's a happy horse."