JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WHAS11) – Shots fired outside a Jeffersonville barbershop Monday afternoon sent the business owner to the hospital.

“There were cops and crime scene tape all around across the street from my house,” Cassy Klawon, a neighbor who said she heard two or three shots, said.

Friends and family say it was the owner of Mark’s Barber Shop, Mark, who was shot in the leg when he tried to stop two men from arguing outside his business.

“When the guy pulled a gun Mark was trying to tell him to put it up and he started to shoot at Mark and then he started shooting at me,” explained one man who asked we don’t use his name, but says he was one of the men arguing. He told WHAS 11 News he believed the bullet was meant for him, not Mark.

“He shot at me two or three times, he couldn't hit me, but he hit Mark in the leg,” he explained.

The man said he works at the barber shop and claims the man with the gun tried to start an argument.

“He was drunk, mouthing off. I'm a big mouth, I mouthed back. Then he pulled a gun.”

Police said the suspect drove away. Police were able to find the alleged getaway car and conducted a traffic stop. Police have not confirmed if he was arrested.

Around the same time, there was another scene on the second street bridge, where a man was put in hand cuffs near the KFC Yum! Center. Initial reports said that stop was connected to the Jeffersonville shooting, but the Jeffersonville police spokesperson is not confirming that at this time.

Bullet holes leaving a mark where they went through the business. It’s a scene no one expected to see at this barber shop, but those who know Mark are glad he's going to survive.

“He sounded really good, so nothing serious, no damage, no life-threatening issues,” Leasia Foda, a family friend, said.

Employees told us the barber shop would remain closed for the day, but should open back up tomorrow.