CLARK CO., Ind.-- A Southern Indiana woman is now facing charges for the death of her young cousin.

Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull charged Jordan Abbott with causing death while operating a motor vehicle with a schedule one controlled substance in the blood Friday.

"It was determined that at the time Jordan caused this wreck she did have THC, the chemical for marijuana in her blood, at the time that she caused that wreck," Mull said.

Police said the victim, Hailey Abbott, was thrown from the vehicle when Jordan Abbott crashed into a Charlestown gas station in April of last year.

Surveillance video shows Jordan Abbott traveling at a high rate of speed, before losing control on State Road 62, hitting a gas pump and then crashing into the building.

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"There are many teenagers who are smoking marijuana, who drive, who do cause wrecks and then it is a very significant negative life event for those individuals when they are charged with crimes. Arrested warrants are issued and they are taken to jail and many times imprisoned," Mull said.

He said it’s something parents need to be talking to their teens about now before they commit a crime they can't take back.

If convicted, Abbott could face up to six years in prison.