CHARLESTOWN, Ind. (WHAS11) -- Described as patient and loving, the southern Indiana community is mourning the loss of a long time middle school teacher on Friday, July 14. Christina Harvey was killed in a car accident on Highway 62 in Jeffersonville Thursday afternoon. She taught at Charlestown Middle School for the last 15 years.

Mrs. Harvey, as she was known at school, was a favorite among teachers and her students. Her impact was so far reaching, even those who never had her or never taught in her building said they've learned from her.

"I have never met someone so devoted to their students and so patient and kind and as understanding, as she was," Mallory Terrel said.

Terrel calls Harvey a mentor. She said Harvey was there for her during her first year of teaching at Charlestown Middle School and has been a supporter since.

"This morning I woke up and it just happened I got on, and I saw the corporations article about it- that they posted about on their Facebook page. And I was just absolutely, immediately in shock, I'm still in shock," Terrel said.

Police are still investigating the car accident that claimed Harvey’s life on Highway 62 in Jeffersonville.

As they search for answers, teachers are still trying to find the words to console her students.

"They're shocked, they're devastated,” Terrel explained of the students.

Taking to social media to pay their respects, one of Harvey's students described her as "the most wonderful teacher she ever had". Another called Harvey "the greatest source of inspiration and courage", and a third said, "you weren't only my history teacher, you were my friend. I love and miss you, Mrs. Harvey."

"The loss of a family member in that school family is extremely difficult”, Dr. Andy Melin, superintendent of Greater Clark County School said.

District leaders said Harvey has always been an important member of the Charlestown Middle School family, but as a loving wife and mother, those who knew her say her priority was always her family at home.