(INDYSTAR.com) - President Donald Trump will travel to Indiana on Wednesday to pitch his tax reform plan, Vice President Mike Pence announced Friday in a trip to his home state for the same purpose.

“President Trump and I are counting on Indiana’s support,” Pence said in a speech in Anderson.

Trump is expected to speak in the Indianapolis area.

The Indiana Republican Party had announced an upcoming Trump trip on social media Tuesday, but had not said when it would happen.

Indiana is getting lots of attention in the Trump administration’s effort to win bipartisan support for a tax package because of Sen. Joe Donnelly.

The Indiana Democrat crosses party lines more than most members of his party, including on some tax issues.

And if Donnelly does not support the administration’s tax plan, which is still being worked out, Republicans could use that against him in next year’s election.

The only Democrat elected statewide in a state Trump won by 19 percentage points last year, Donnelly is a top target in Republicans’ effort to expand their narrow Senate majority.

Pence didn’t speak long Friday before reminding Hoosiers of Trump’s big Indiana win.

Pence said he’d just hung up the phone from the man Indiana voted overwhelmingly to make the 45th President of the United States of America.

“He asked me to say hello and thank you for your stalwart support,” he added.

Donnelly and the other two Democrats who were invited to the White House this month for a dinner discussion with Trump were the only three Democrats who did not sign onto an August letter sent by Democratic leaders outlining what conditions must be met for the minority to support tax reform. The other two Democrats were Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota.

Trump invited Heitkamp up on stage with him during a tax reform event in North Dakota this month.

And when Trump made his first major speech on the tax overhaul effort at a Missouri event last month, he went after Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, another top 2018 target for Republicans.