JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WHAS11) - They've known each other for more than 20 years, and Sunday night their friendship took center stage at a rally in Jeffersonville. Indiana Governor Mike Pence stumped for his Lieutenant Governor Eric Holcomb, the man he hopes will be elected as his replacement come next Tuesday.

Holcomb and Pence were just a couple of the speakers at Sunday’s rally, but everyone echoed a similar wish. They all thanked those in the crowd for their support and asked that that level of enthusiasm continue all the way through the election.

There are only nine days left in the 2016 election season. It's been historic in its own right, with many moments that will go down in the record books. Sunday night in Jeffersonville didn't necessarily come with any of the those fiery speeches that have become common on the campaign trail, but it did bring out lots of passion from both the candidates and the crowd.

“We as Americans, we need to not just vote, but we need to get out there and tell them how we feel. They can’t read our mind,” voter Dale Delay said.

Proudly holding campaign posters, hundreds of supporters cheered loudly for all those who took to the podium. Lieutenant Governor Eric Holcomb even sported a tribute sweatshirt to the team who inspired the iconic film Hoosiers.

“We’re going to send a shot heard round the world just like Hickory did in 1954. We’re going to show the world how it’s done,” Holcomb said.

Holcomb talked about the state's economic success over the last 12 years and credited Republican leadership for the progress.

“Indiana is on a roll. We simply cannot afford to go back to those days of debt and destruction,” Holcomb said. “We’re either going to get a yellow flag, and we’re going to do a U-turn under caution and we’re going to go back, or we’re going to get that green flag and we’re going to continue to press forward.”

Governor Pence told the crowd how big of a role Holcomb played in his decision to join the Trump ticket.

“I knew that my Lieutenant Governor Eric Holcomb will be ready on day one to lead Indiana to an even brighter future,” Pence said.

He also detailed the accomplishments the two have had working together, making a point to highlight Holcomb's attitude and perspective as a politician.

“Eric Holcomb brings a lifetime of service to this campaign, a lifetime of putting the interest of others ahead of his own,” Pence said. “With Eric Holcomb at my side as state chairman, we passed the largest state tax cut in Indiana history and balanced the budget and made record investments in education and infrastructure and even health care.”

Pence also talked a lot about the plans he and Trump have if they are elected, including repealing Obamacare and cutting taxes.

“I think this is not so much a choice between candidates. I think it’s a choice between two futures,” Pence said.