LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Two Jeffersonville schools will remain open for a little longer after Greater Clark County Schools announced their plans to construct a new school on Tuesday, June 20.

The board is planning on constructing a new school to accommodate the students that attend Maple and Spring Hill elementary schools. The new school will be located in downtown Jeffersonville.

The plan is to have the schools remain open until the construction for the new school is complete. Once the new school opens, Maple and Spring Hill will close.

Parents and members of the community attended a Greater Clark County Schools board meeting Tuesday night. Many people were upset with the idea of closing Maple and Spring Hill, some even threatening to leave the district.

“If you take away our community schools that we have so desperately been asking you to keep, we will be looking at Clarksville Community Schools, Rock Creek Academy, St, John Paul, St. Anthony, Scared Heart and Christian Academy,” Ed Siewert said.

Superintendent Andrew Melin said they can’t justify two small elementary schools with only 200 students.

“Because with the enrollment as low as they are, we can't justify keeping both buildings open, but how do we honor and respect both neighborhoods and bring them together in an area that would be perhaps equal distance and we could maintain a downtown elementary,” Superintendent Andrew Melin said.

GCCS says they hope to have the new school ready for the 2019-2020 school year.

Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore says the two schools will close no matter what, even if a petition is created, and said if people fight it, there will be no schools downtown, at all.

“Know the consequences if you win. The consequence if you win and you stop this project, those kids at Maple are going to Bridgepoint and those kids at Spring Hill are going to North Haven, it's a fact,” said Mayor Moore.

The next board meeting is scheduled for July 5.