LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Questions remain after the New Albany Housing Authority director was suddenly fired last night.

That firing led to protests at a meeting last night.

Bob Lane terminated after questioning the board's decision to tear down 600 units of public housing.

Despite Lane’s firing, we’re told it was business as usual at the New Albany Housing Authority.

Before a search for an interim director can begin the President of the Board said he wanted to explain their decision and vision for the area moving forward.

"We're trying to determine a new pathway,” NAHA Board President Irving Joshua said.

After serving as the New Albany Housing Authority Director for more than a decade Bob Lane was terminated Monday night.

While the move was not popular Board President Irving Joshua says it was necessary.

"For us to work with the city collaboratively to move the projects that we want to move forward in the Memorandum of Understanding we really felt Bob Lane wasn't going to be the person to do that,” said Joshua.

The memorandum of understanding that Joshua is referring to outlines the board's plan to decentralize at least four properties, and he says they had to outline the plan now so they can try and get federal funding later.

"We don't want to be in a situation where we have aging buildings, and there are no federal dollars available to help us,” said Joshua. "If we don't get the money from HUD we're not going to be able to do anything. There's just not a bundle of money there to do that."

While Joshua said the understanding is more of a 5 to 10-year plan, but that may be the least of the board's worries according to Floyd County Housing Advocate Dawn Glover Klemm.

"The board is operating outside of compliance because they do not have a resident on that board, and it is required by state statute,” Glover Klemm said.

Since that position has been vacant for months that is leading some to speculate that the move is more about real estate than affordable housing.

"All attempts to try and build more affordable housing have been met by resistance by the mayor,” Glover Klemm said.

"Most of the housing is not prime real estate as far as businesses or housing,” Joshua said.

WHAS11 tried to reach out to Bob Lane today for comment, but we weren’t able to reach him.

Joshua tells WHAS11 that he expects to call a special meeting in the coming weeks to name Lane's interim replacement.