LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- For Melissa Crawford, she's living with unpleasant living conditions in her Pleasant Ridge community.

"It's like we've been in a war but we didn't know a bomb went off," she described to WHAS11.

For weeks, she says she and her neighbors have been forced to ride by and look at boarded-up homes. Some of them have missing windows or doors. She's concerned for squatters which she claims have already moved in.

"These people I have never seen before. All ages. They may have backpacks, trash bags," Crawford said.

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The homes are owned by Pleasant Ridge Redevelopment and developer John Neace who plans to rebuild the Charlestown subdivision with higher priced homes.

A lawyer for the city tells us in a statement, "...redevelopment is a process, not an event. These conditions were created over a period of decades and cannot be remedied overnight. However, the city is committed to seeing they are remedied."

The Clark County Health Department tells us 40 complaints have been filed this year. Twenty of them have been resolved. No fines have been issued against the city or the developer, but Crawford believes it's time for more accountability.

"If something happens to somebody because of their neglect I don't want them to able to say they did not know," Crawford said.

Crawford plans to voice her concerns at Monday night's city council meeting in an effort to fight to keep her neighborhood from becoming even more of a health and safety hazard.

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"Some of them can't fight for themselves. So, the ones that can, we have to keep going," she said.

The Pleasant Ridge Homeowner's Association filed a lawsuit in 2017 against the city of Charlestown for the way it imposed fines against renters for code violations. An attorney for the group representing the homeowner's association believes a judge will rule on their injunction sometime before Christmas.