JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WHAS11) -- School's out for the summer but for two Clark County, Ind. schools the doors may stay closed permanently.

They would instead be moved around the district to fill areas of need.

“A school really gives a personality to the neighborhood I think,” said Charles Redding.

While Charles Redding loves neighborhood schools he admits simply looking at the placement of the Greater Clark County Schools administration building he can tell things in the district are changing and Superintendent Andrew Melin agrees.

“All of the new homes that are being built in Greater Clark are on the north side of Jeffersonville all the way up through Charlestown,” said Melin.

As a result, the student population has dropped below 200 at schools like Maple Elementary and Spring Hill Elementary School which have been open for more than 50 years but could soon be forced to close their doors.

“The teachers in those buildings are doing a great job, but in terms of opportunities and services because those two buildings are so small we can’t provide the same level of resources to those buildings as we can other elementary schools,” said Melin.

While Redding says moves like this have been rumored for years, he believes this time they will finally become reality.

“The plot is so small there’s not much room for growth over there,” said Redding. “I don’t think they have put any capital investment in the school in the 10 years I’ve lived here.”

“As we’re looking at the future we have to maximize our ability to invest dollars in facilities that will be more efficient for us down the road,” said Melin.

While any closures still have to be approved by the board, Redding says he’s already against it

“Having the children in the neighborhood adds to its character and personality,” said Redding. “We’d be lost to not have the kids in the neighborhood anymore.”

Superintendent Melin told WHAS that if the school board were to approve the plan to close Maple and Spring Hill schools no teachers would be losing their jobs.

They would instead be moved around the district to fill areas of need.