CLARK COUNTY, Ind. (WHAS11) -- The former Clark County Sheriff is under investigation after police say he paid for a prostitute, again.

“We are still waiting. I haven't seen any charges yet from our reports,” explained Sellersburg Police Chief William Whelan.

Danny Rodden just finished a two-year probation sentence after a different sex scandal involving a prostitute when he was Sheriff of Clark County. He pleaded guilty to the FBI about being with a prostitute at a downtown Louisville hotel, but Chief Whelan says that did not affect their handling of this case.

“This was new for us, as far as an investigation.”

The most recent allegations stem from an incident earlier this month. According to the police report, Rodden and a woman accused of stealing were together at the Cracker Barrel in Sellersburg. When police arrived, they saw a syringe in the woman's purse and took her to the police station on drug charges. That's when she opened up about their relationship.

“She made some allegations that basically said she was an escort, and that he has paid her a couple of times for some sexual acts,” said Whelan.

According to police reports, the woman claims Rodden paid her $300 on two separate occasions for sex acts at his home in Sellersburg.

After serving time on the drug charges, police said the woman came back to the station and revealed text messages between her and Rodden. Police said the message contained code words about exchanging sex and money.

“One of the main ones was ‘hey, do you want to play’, and that was basically their code for sexual acts for money,” Whelan explained.

The Clark County Prosecutor's Office does have the case files, but there are no charges right now. Rodden's attorney, Bart McMahon, said he believes they're coming.

“I think they will just because of his former status as a Sheriff in Clark County and the prior incident that occurred in the Southern District of Indiana and Federal Court,” said McMahon.

The police reports suggest other prostitutes may be involved in this case.