FLOYD COUNTY, Ind. (WHAS11) – The Floyd County Sheriff’s Department is in the middle of a fatal crash investigation. Two men were killed in the collision Sunday night. It happened in the 3000 block of State Road 111 South just after 8:30 p.m.

It’s the second serious crash to hit that stretch of highway in just two weeks. It shut down that area for several hours. Corey McGarry was one of the witnesses.

"We were headed down the road to go to the boat. We had seen some smoke that was kind of ahead of us, so we kind of slowed down a little bit,” McGarry said.

When he got around the curve, he saw the fiery crash and jumped into action. Trained as a paramedic, he said trying to help the victims in this fiery crash just came naturally.

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"I jumped out to try and assess the damage. There were a couple other people who got out and tried to wave cars away from it,” McGarry said.

The initial investigation shows the driver of the Explorer crossed the center line and hit the truck.

"We don't know why he went left of center, if he was just making a pass or something else happened,” Floyd County Sheriff Frank Loop said.

Both drivers, Schulyer Benjamin and Joseph Simpson, died at the scene. It's not clear if alcohol or drugs are factors in this crash, but police said it was an illegal pass that led to the collision.

McGarry wants to see the city provide another route to the boat and widen the road. While Sheriff Loop said 111 isn't the easiest road to navigate, but he confirmed most of the crashes that happen there are caused by human error. He said every incident like this is sad, but powerful reminder to drivers to be careful and smart every time they get behind the wheel.

"We know that if we get a call for a crash on 111 South, that it's going to be a bad one. What we find when we do our statistics is we don't have a high number of crashes on that road, but when we have a crash, it's severe. It's mostly due to speed, left of center, and intoxication,” Loop said.

While there aren't any changes planned for 111 at this time, Sheriff Loop said he thinks the county will be looking at how to detour drivers when crashes happen. He said that's a major issue right now because the side streets don't have much room, and it causes massive backups when crashes happen.