CORYDON, Ind. (WHAS11) – What was once a scene of tragedy and solace is now the site of even more heartache.

“I didn't just lose my sister. I lost my best friend,” said Carla Nall, the victim’s sister.

Last June, Nall's sister was killed in a car accident, along with her fiancé, near Hayswood Nature Reserve on Highway 135 in Corydon. Ambulances, police cars and the wreckage were quickly replaced by handmade crosses and messages of love--a memorial for Nall's sister and her fiancé.

“All I have left of my sister is her in a box and pictures, and then people want to do this,” Nall said.

Crosses were ripped apart, and a ceramic angel was smashed to pieces.

“It's ridiculous that someone is that cold-hearted to come up here and destroy something like that,” Nall said.

But this isn't the first time. Nall says it's happened twice, and each time it brings her more frustration.

“This is somewhere that we can come, like a memorial. My best friend helps me keep it weed-eat and everything and then someone wants to come and trash it,” she said.

Nall says she's called police and wants to see someone held accountable.

“It's going to be replaced because there's no sense in this,” Nall said.