INDIANPOLIS (Indy Star) -- Maybe you are so sick of the attack ads and the insults that you just can't stomach voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

You have options.

Libertarian Gary Johnson's name is also on the ballot, but if he doesn't do it for you there are 15 more write-in candidates you can choose from.

There is a blank line for write-in candidates on the Indiana ballot. You are free to vote for "Mickey Mouse" or "Giant Meteor," but your vote won't be counted unless you choose one of the official 15.

The Indiana Secretary of State approves all write-in candidates — only 15 presidential candidates got that approval by the July 5 deadline.

The Green Party's Jill Stein is the best known. Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party also made the cut.
Two Hoosiers are on the list: Ray C. Brown of Evansville and Melissa L. Kelly of Mishawaka.

Many notable names are not on the list, including Bernie Sanders, who led a grass-roots campaign against Clinton in the Democratic primary. Independent Evan Mullin, who made headway in Utah polling, is not among the Indiana write-ins.

Here's the list of approved presidential write-in candidates:

Darrell L. Castle
Jill Stein
Ray C Brown
"Rocky" Roque De La Fuenta
Richard Duncan
Cherunda Fox
Tom Hoefling
Denny C Jackson
Melissa L Kelly
Laurence Kotlikoff
Joseph Maldonado
Ric Mullis
Matthew "None of the Above" Roberts
Emidio Soltysik
Monica Moorehead

Ken Bone, the undecided every man in a red sweater who asked a question at the second presidential debate, polled at 4 percent in Florida according to Some Hoosiers may love him, but voting Bone for president in Indiana still doesn't count.