LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A multi-million dollar project happening right now is changing streets in New Albany from one-way to two-way.

During that project, lane closures will be in effect downtown, affecting streets that carry more than 35,000 vehicles daily. The actual conversion of traffic to two-way streets is still a few months away.

“By this time next year, we're going to see a lot of exciting changes with the downtown street modernization being one of those and I'm really excited with some of the smaller details and I can't wait for people to see some of the things we've got planned once the streets are done and converted,” Paul Lincks, with HWC Engineering explained.

Lincks says after years of studies and with New Albany's growth of more local businesses and residential spaces flocking to downtown, those are key reasons for the two-way conversion.

“These one-way streets that are two lanes are old and they were made for the purpose of moving large quantities of traffic from point A to point B. New Albany wasn't involved in that point A to point B it was purely trying to get traffic to the interstate," he said.

Leah Alexander, Co-Owner of Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt tells us, “The drive to work took a little bit longer but it's growing pains, we see it as a positive. The two-way is definitely going to give us more traffic because we are on the corner of Market and Pearl which are both going to two-way and are one way now.”

Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt welcomes the changes.

As a locally owned business, Alexander says the final outcome will be the perfect topping for her flourishing neighborhood.

“More traffic to downtown New Albany which is a positive thing, that is definitely something that we take to heart because we want our business to grow and we want other businesses to grow, we are very supportive of 'be local'and local business owners here,” she said.

The project is converting Market from First and Vincennes, Elm and Spring between State and Vincennes streets, Pearl from Elm to Main and Bank street from Oak to Main. The price tag sits at $1.9 million.

Construction is going to take place now throughout the summer, you're asked to be patient and of course pay very close attention to those signs and orange cones, the expected completion for this project is set for Sep. 30.