CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WHAS11) – It was an unpredicted discovery on Blackiston Mill Road in Clarksville, Indiana that has become a disturbing site for Stuart Emery.

A road-widening project uncovered an unmarked cemetery dating back to the 1800's. Emery believes his great-grandparents may have been buried near the construction and worries their bodies were exhumed

“It says down at the bottom of this piece of paper,” Emery said holding their death certificates, “that they're both buried in Stuart's Cemetery. Now there's no headstones there that identify them, so they're just as likely to be buried down next to the road and been dug up, as not.”

There was public comment at the Clarksville Council meeting Tuesday night where others came forward like Emery, wondering if any of their ancestors have been removed from their final resting place.

“As a family, we need to know exactly what is happening to the exhumed bodies,” Kathie Miller said.

It's a question that's hard to answer because Clarksville officials told WHAS11 News they can't confirm whether bodies were even exhumed.

“If there were any remains found and I'm not at liberty to disclose if there were or were not, they have been taken to a laboratory for further identification, processing, and testing,” explained City Manager Kevin Baity.

Emery is convinced there were remains found. He presented pictures that he said proves graves were exhumed. Emery is asking for those loved ones to be returned so that they can rest peacefully.

“They lived here, they died here, they were buried here. They should remain here,” Emery said.

The road-project is moving forward. Baity said it will take several years to complete, but widening will continue into 20-18. There is a meeting scheduled for this Thursday at 7:00 to discuss the cemetery situation further.