CHARLESTOWN, Ind. (WHAS11) – Standing room only and tense moments all over brown water. Residents concerned about a new move by city council

“We are taking our town back and that starts now,” Darlene Williams, No Outsourcing Our Water, said.

The Charlestown City Council voted to allow Indiana American Water to buy their water company.

“I wouldn't do it if I didn't think it was the best decision,” Mayor Bob Hall said.

Mayor Hall says aging pipes are causing the town’s tap water to be brown.

“We've done about all we can do without doing major improvements. We've invested millions but it's been over a 14-year period,” Mayor Hall said.

Indiana American Water will invest $7.2 million to fix the brown water problems over the next five years. But residents say their voices aren't being heard.

“This issue is so important that it deserves more input from the voters. In fact, it is so important that it should only be decided by direct vote of the people,” Bill Crace, a resident said.

The mayor of Charlestown says this move will keep water bills lower and the water clear.

Indiana American is also in charge of Clarksville, Jeffersonville and New Albany's water systems.

The vote to finalize the contract is on Thursday at 6:30 p.m.