LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Indiana’s new junior Senator spoke of concentrating on the “common good” during his first stop in the state since getting to work in January.

Senator Todd Young spoke before an audience in Jeffersonville at a Greater Louisville Inc. event designed to discuss healthcare.

The Republican lawmaker said he hope his colleagues will set aside party differences in an effort to reform healthcare.

When asked about questions regarding alleged Russian interference with the presidential election, Senator Young said the Russians tried before but never with this energy.

"They harnessed the power of the internet to wage an information campaign. It seems as though they were utilizing or even in cahoots with WikiLeaks. And they've created some doubts in the process about our election system.”

He added that was the objective of Vladmir Putin and western nations must stand together because it appears the Russians are currently attempting to impact elections of our allies.