LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- In the Parkland neighborhood of West Louisville, it was a celebration over a roof!

The five layers of roofing are coming off 116-year-old Blue House, once a leaky mess. Blue House founder Keith Cook stood outside in amazement.

“We're peeling back five layers of history,” Keven LaFavers, of ICRC Roofing, said.

The Blue House is the home of the popular music program for children led by orchestra veteran Keith Cook who volunteers his time, but has also had to endure a home base that was crumbling. He has a waiting list for students.

Parents told me they think having The Blue House in the heart of West Louisville has saved lives and given kids futures they normally wouldn't have.

Our reports struck LaFavers, so he donated the roof and the labor, a cost of more than $20,000.

“He’s not just helping them for a short time, he’s helping them for a lifetime,” LaFavers said about Cook.

Owens Corning of Louisville roof material and area sales manager John Sabbak had to be there. He said, “I do love this guy, Mr. Keith, he's such a great man, and he's doing things that are awesome that our community needs down here.”

Thanks to our stories, WHAS 11 viewers have mailed Cook $30,000 in donations since February.

Nita Bernat of Louisville saw that report. She and her friend Alison Torpey chose to ride their bikes 14 miles from the Highlands to 28th Street to see what it was all about. They stood in the street watching the roofers.

Bernat told us, “I love to ride in Louisville and love the West End. It has great potential, and this is a great example.”

Oh, and by the way, the color of new roof is blue too! Sabbak of Owens Corning picked it out, “Harbour Blue, so for the Blue House, you have to use Harbour Blue, so we were excited about that.”

LaFavers says when he got the idea to do the job for free, he asked these companies for help and they’ll all chipped in their services: North Coast Supply, Glaco, Owens Corning, Certain-Teed Corporation, Best Deal Dumpsters, Yamaha of Louisville, Corken Steel.

If you’d like to donate to The Blue House, Cook uses the money to fund music scholarships, buy new violins, and he’s hoping to hire an assistant: make check payable to Westec (the Blue House’s business name), 1316 South 28th Street, Louisville KY 40211.