LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A 19-year-old murder suspect says a fatal stabbing in June in the Portland neighborhood was not intentional.

In an emotional interview with LMPD, Tiffany James says she never meant to kill anyone.

The coroner says the 14-year-old victim, Madison Branch died after being stabbed in the abdomen.

LMPD says a witness who started recording a fight in late June, captures suspect Tiffany James who pulls out a knife, stabbing Madison Branch.

“I had every right to have something on me, they've been doing this for months,” James said.

During her interview with police shortly after the incident, she is photographed and has her DNA samples taken.

James tells police that she and her younger sister were harassed and followed on June 26 while stopping into this Speedway Gas Station on 21st and Duncan, they are shown entering and exiting the gas station on surveillance video.

“This happens all the time, we can't go outside without someone yelling at us. The girls are circling waiting for us to leave the store,” James recalled.

Both families tell WHAS11 that the other is at fault. Madison Branch's family she was not a bully.

Tiffany James' mother says the social media harassment and feuds between the teenagers have been ongoing.

Louisville Attorney Thomas Clay watched this video that is now police evidence and says this incident can fall under Kentucky's self-defense law.

“We know that she was actively attacking the person that stabbed her so whether that constitutes the use of deadly physical force is a question that will have to be answered. Deadly physical force is justified when the person exercising deadly physical force believes that deadly physical force is about to be used against that person,” Clay stated.

“I didn't mean to hit her, nothing was on the knife,” James told detectives.

James, in the interview, says that she carries the knife for protection, but only pulled it out to break the fight up and then says she was attacked.

James remains in Metro Corrections facing a murder charge and heads back to court on August 7th.

She says she was studying medicine at U of L and after Madison Branch fell to the ground, she tried to help but those around her wouldn't allow her any closer.