LEXINGTON, Ky. (WHAS11) – An evening of heartache. Heartache expressed by a father known around the world.

"I'm going to keep praying and hope things turn around," Olympian Tyson Gay, who lost his daughter early Sunday morning, said.

Family and friends are still trying to make sense of what happened.

"We got a call, I answered it, they said she didn't make it," Morgan Gaines, a friend who was there the night Trinity Gay was shot and killed, said.

Now many people in pain after friends watched someone they love lose their life. Taylor Middleton was also there that night.

"She's saying, 'Taylor I'm shot, I'm shot,' and then that's when I looked down and just saw blood all over her chest," Middleton said.

Trinity Gay was shot and killed early Sunday morning. Police say she was caught between the gunfire coming from two vehicles. Princess Stewart rushed her to the hospital.

"I'm just like, no Trinity has to make it. I'm talking to myself, I'm talking to Trinity, I'm just saying she has to make it," Stewart said.

These friends say they were hanging out in the parking lot of Cook Out, a restaurant on South Broadway in Lexington near the UK Campus. It was an innocent night, they explained, spending time with friends’ home from college until it turned tragic.

"She was at the wrong place at the wrong time," Stewart said.

Fifteen-year-old Trinity was a runner, just like her father, Olympian Tyson Gay.

"I want everyone to continue to pray, to continue to protect each other, to continue come together if you've got information about someone's death or someone, it's not fair for someone to lose their life at such an early age," Gay said.

At least 500 people flooded the high school track that Trinity Gay will no longer race on, the girl with so much promise.

"She wanted a name for herself and she was on the path to do that and it just really hurts me that she won't get the chance to do that," said friend Kiara Pankins.

But her positive spirit and her contagious smile is the Trinity hundreds of people will never forget.

"I looked forward to seeing her every day, smiling and waving at me and it's going to be tough not to have that every day, I'm just trying to remember everything positive she brought to everyone," Pankins said.