LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- The skies Saturday were grey, but the streets of Louisville were lined with blue to honor a hometown hero.

"He was one of ours," Mary McCoy, a Portland resident, said. "We do have a heart and our hearts are breaking."

Blue clothing, blue ribbons and the thin blue line could be found as hundreds filled the streets of Louisville to remember Louisville Metro Police Officer Nick Rodman, who was killed this week while doing his job—to protect and serve.

"He gave his life doing something that he loved," McCoy said. "We want to show the rest of them down here that we do care."

Saturday afternoon, Rodman took one last trip through Louisville, the city where he grew up, the city that was his home and the city he died serving.

"He was a good guy, always trying to make people laugh, always had a joke ready," Lindsey Bramlette, a classmate of Rodman's, said.

The procession took Rodman first to his childhood neighborhood and then to Holy Cross High School, where he starred as a student in the classroom and as an athlete on the gridiron. Fellow classmates and football teammates were on hand to see him pass by his school one last time.

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"Whereas I wasn't one of Nick's best friends, we were still a tight, tight class," Bramlette said. "So I came out to honor my friend and classmate."

The procession then moved on to LMPD's First Division, where Rodman served as a police officer, following in the footsteps of his father and brother, but making a name for himself.

"He was only here for a short time, but he did mean a lot to people down here," McCoy said.

Football players and police officers may usually have a tough exterior, but having to say goodbye to a colleague, friend and brother brought even the most stony-eyed to shed a tear.

"I'm just hearing how he's touched so many lives in Louisville just through his work and just the genuine guy he was," Bramlette said.